LCS 2014 Spring Split and The New Season.

As you might have noticed this isn’t a overview of one the games like my original post was. This is only because there have been SO MANY games going on this week that not only have I not actually gotten to watch them all, there’s no way I could sum them all up for one post. So, over the course of the next week I’ll be catching up on the games I missed; the news and the plays; and I’ll probably be releasing my thoughts and feelings about certain games (like that Fanatic Vs Gambit game to start the season off. That was a great game).

I probably would have more to write but I wasn’t expecting such a huge number of games to pop up in one week. I understand it’s the summer split but – Wow! Have you seen how many games have been played? I honor all of those players for how devoted they are to put in so much time.

Long story short, I’ll be trying to do overviews of the games as they progress. I’m trying to work out a schedule for myself so go in sync with the new LCS schedule as well. Hopefully for the 2014 Season I’ll be on the ball.


As usual if you want to talk about the LCS OR the game in general check out my North American chat room “LCS Discussions” which I’m always on when I’m online.


Once again, sorry for the lack of updates and for my one update basically saying “I messed up.” but I assure you that I will get on this and I will be doing this more often. I just couldn’t find the time to spend around 12 hours of everyday watching the LCS this week. (not even lying that’s how long it was most days). Anyway, sorry for the late post and I hope you all have a wonderful night.

Friday’s family video Pick – 01/17/14

Heroman PV

The Friday Sidebar Family Video Pick is up! Erin tells us:

Heroman is an animated series for the whole family.   Japanese creation that takes place in America.  Many references to Marvel Comics from the design of the aliens (bugs rather than squid) to frequent sitings of Stan Lee.

Charles’s Play of the Week – Game Theory Humor

Game Theory: Is Link Dead in Majora’s Mask?

Everyone seems to be catching up after the holidays. So while we’re waiting for Charles’ next review of the LCS championship – which he tells me is coming soon – here is his favorite Game Theory Video.


Father of the Stache

I knew it!

What's Your Tag?

Father of the Stache
Nowadays we all know Mario as a heroic plumber who spends his days ridding the land of evil creatures, but his beginnings weren’t always so noble. It makes you wonder about the quality of his childhood. Who taught him to have such an irrational hatred of monkeys? 

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Monday’s Inspiration – Live Your Life Out Loud

Why? Because some Mondays need more inspiration than others.

Someday – Rob Thomas

You can go, you can start all over again
You could try to find a way to make another day go by
You can hide, hold all your feelings inside
You could try to carry on when all you wanna do is cry

And maybe someday we’ll figure all this out
Try to put an  end to all our doubt
And try to find a way to make things better now  that
Maybe someday we’ll live our lives out loud
We’ll be better off  somehow, someday…

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Is Iron Man made of Lego?

If you are now or ever were a programmer – you’ll love this.

Deeper Design

I was re-watching Iron Man recently and noticed something interesting.  During Iron Man’s first “boot up sequence”, in the “terrorist” caves of Nowhereistan, some butchered C code is displayed on a faked up laptop screen.

C source code from Iron Man Movie

The code displayed on screen, although missing some syntactically important characters such as semi-colons, is actual valid C source code.  So valid in fact that I wondered where it came from.

After a quick Google I found it. This code is in fact as follows:

 send[0] = 0x65; send[1] = 1; send[2] = 3; send[3] = 5; send[4] = 7; send[5] = 11; if (rcx_sendrecv(fd, send, 6, recv, 1, 50, RETRIES, use_comp) != 1) { fprintf(stderr, "%s: delete firmware failed\n", progname); exit(1); } /* Start firmware download */ send[0] = 0x75; send[1] = (start >> 0) & 0xff; send[2] = (start >> 8) & 0xff; send[3] = (cksum >> 0) & 0xff; send[4] = (cksum…

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Another sort

Monday’s Inspiration – The Final Gladness

As this post is about inspiration – here is the Last Lecture by a great writer and teacher – Fr. James V. Schall entitled, “The Final Gladness” It’s worth your time at the beginning of this new year to hear this message from a beloved teacher.

Writing and lecturing on philosophy and learning – Fr. Schall encourages students and teachers to never stop searching for the truth and meaning of existence.  If you have not read Fr. Schall’s books you should check them out.  You might start with ” Another Sort of  Learning”